Magic Plant Farms Habanero West Indies Red Pepper Mash

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Habanero West Indies Red Pepper Mash (9oz) - We grow our Red Habanero peppers on the rich alluvial soil of Jamaica’s southern plains. The low rainfall and abundant sunshine in this area contribute to excellent pepper growth, as well as the unique flavor profile of our Jamaican West Indies Red Habanero mash.

Due to the nearly perfect pepper growing climatic conditions of this area, we don’t see the fungal issues on our peppers that potentially affect crops in growing in other areas with more rainfall, or at higher altitudes. Our mash contains Grade A peppers; Fully ripe, no soft spots, no bruises or broken skin before processing. Rich pepper mash/pepper paste
Our West Indies Red Habanero pepper mash has the rich aroma of our high quality Habanero peppers and a bright, cherry red color. Our pepper solids content is at least 15%, representing 30% more solids than similar pepper mash from other suppliers. Our pepper solids content allows our customers to use up to 30% less pepper mash in their formulations..
Ingredients: West Indies Red Habanero peppers, salt, citric acid, acetic acid.